For us, this wine is a tribute to Mauro in honour of his mother Sylla, a great lover and producer of this wine obtained from the indigenous Piedmontese Freisa variety of the same name, widely diffused in the 1960s-70s also in the Alba hills, and now cultivated mainly in the Monferrato Astigiano and Casalese areas and in the Chierese area. Our Langhe Freisa Sylla is obtained by refermentation of the natural sugars in autoclaves, which gives the wine a very fine and lively sparkle, able to enhance the raspberry and small red fruit aromas typical of the variety. A small residual sugar mitigates the wine’s aggressiveness, due to a pronounced tannin content.

Grape Variety:

100% Freisa


The wine remains for few months in steel tanks.


Ruby red with pink froth.


Fine and delicate, remember the raspberry and rose.


Dry, fresh, with delicate raspberry nuances. The fine bubbles that characterizes it, derives from the fermentation before bottling.
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