A vine bearing aromatic white grapes which is at its best when grown on the steep hills which border the Belbo river. Ours come from the Mango area, more precisely from a locality named Bricco Avene at an altitude of 550 m above sea level. Here the altitude and the daily temperature range lead to an excellent accumulation of aromatic precursors, typical of these grapes, and give our Moscato a great intensity and olfactory complexity with hints of sage and citrus. Furthermore, its acidic freshness balances its natural sweetness, making this Moscato a well-balanced and particularly pleasing wine, excellent to drink with your dessert.

Grape Variety:

100% Moscat


The wine remain into steel tanks for about 1 month.


Straw yellow of varying intensity


Fruity, intense, aromatic and persistent


The sweet flavor is beautifully balanced with the low alcohol and the acidity that is never very high and gives it a pleasant freshness.
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