Alta Langa is one of the latest projects to come from Mauro’s imaginative mind. “Avremo” is an acronym arising from a merger of the first two letters of the names of the three vineyards from which the grapes come: AVene, REmondà and MOrtizzo. If at first glance this name refers to precise territorial areas, it also has a much deeper significance. “Avremo” is the future tense of a verb, including the personal pronoun “we” (i.e. we will have), suggesting the idea of a family, a community of people, strongly united in order to achieve great results. The three vineyards, Avene, Remondà and Mortizzo, are situated between 420 m and 550 m in altitude, the grape varieties are Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, all vineyards are polyclonal and some of them have up to 4 different clones. The grapes from the vineyards are harvested, vinified and matured separately. They are pressed whole in a pneumatic press. Roughly a third of the Pinot Nero and Chardonnay musts are fermented in wooden barrels, preferably second-use ones. The slow secondary fermentation (prise de mousse) and the subsequent ageing in bottle for a minimum period of 30 months precede disgorgement and packing.

Grape Variety:

80% Pinot Noir 20% Chardonnay


The slow second fermentation and subsequent aging in the bottle last for minimum 30 months.


The wine exhibits straw yellow color with flashes emeralds in the chromatic texture.


Great finesse and personality, after a nice opening of green apple and citrus, the aroma is enriched with notes of hawthorn, fresh hazelnut and biscuit.


With great balance and persistence, with the perlage, creamy and persuasive, which caresses the taste buds guaranteeing a savory, long, clean and refreshing finish.
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