The Company

Wine as project

Our company originated in Barolo from the pioneering ideas of Sylla Dogliani, the mother of Mauro and the grandmother of Sylla and Angelica, known as “La Dama di Langa”. After Sylla’s premature death and following complex vicissitudes, in 1991 Mauro left the family business and driven solely by his passion for wine, he created the Mauro Sebaste Winery with a single goal: to produce high quality wines.

In this endeavor he is supported by his wife Maria Teresa and a passionate team. His daughters, Sylla and Angelica, joined the company in 2018, while the latest generation, consisting of Sylla's daughters Costanza, Celeste and Camilla, is already ready to pick up the baton.

The Products

Our wine and grappa lines


Wine as experience

Wine, history and tradition are the cornerstones of our region. Our family wanted to give voice to all these aspects. We want to create a living and true relationship with our customers, getting them into the heart of our business.
We host small groups in order to take you personally through our wines into the history of our company and our family.

Discover all our projects and come visit us, to live the Mauro Sebaste experience at 360°.
Sunday is our closing day.


Wine as sharing

We are pleased to share with you the scores, articles and reviews that talk about us and our wines.

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